Mechanical Engineering

We offer a wide range of mechanical services which includes Conveyor design and maintenance, Overhaul and Maintenance of Mechanical systems, Machine, and equipment retrofits, and Plant relocation.
Leveraging on our relationship with our European partners, we also supply urgently needed spare parts/components and skilled personnel on a short and long-term basis.
  • Machine Installations: Our team are adaptable and responsive with dedicated professionals best suited for the job to work with our clients and their team on machine installations in industries.
  • Industrial process Piping Installation: In ADECO, we make every given opportunity the best and satisfying, we have trained and developed personnel who have expertise in Process design and engineering. We carry out Process Analysis, Product Flow, Process Design, Layout, Planning and implementation. There is no limit to what we can offer with the scope of Industrial Process design and engineering.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Our team of experienced engineers and technicians will get to know you, understand the task at hand, and provide straightforward services and advice to deliver the best equipment and machines overhauling, maintaining and upgrading production lines, and processes.
  • Packing Line Maintenance and Optimisation: ADECO’s packaging line maintenance focuses on the optimisation of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and the reliability of packaging machines and equipment installed on packaging lines through the design and execution of bespoke maintenance management systems.
    We have a team of specialist for planning, and execution of planned maintenance activities on machines and equipment installed on packaging lines. The packaging lines include Returnable Glass Bottling (RGB) Lines, PET lines, One-way Glass lines, Canning lines, Keg Lines, and Sachet filling lines.
    The scope of maintenance includes mechanical, electrical and automation tasks and activities such as daily Cleaning, Lubrication, Inspection, and Tightening (CILT) Operations, planned maintenance activities, Time and Condition-based maintenance operations and overhauls which tailored to the OEM’s recommended guidelines.
    The goal of our packaging line maintenance is to significantly optimise the efficiency, reliability and safety condition of packaging lines while saving cost.