OEM Services

We represent the following Original Equipment Manufacturers in Nigeria and neighboring countries



Heuft is a global technology leader in the manufacturing of machines that deal with products and packaging inspections.

Heuft’s technology is concerned about the quality, safety and efficiency in the filling and packaging lines for beverages, food and pharmaceutical products.

Heuft makes different modular machines to fit every application as needed by customer processes in various industries. Their machine designs set the standards regarding innovative inspection technology for the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries.

With different machine designs to fit various customer needs, Heuft’s machines vary from the Heuft Reflex Empty Bottle Inspectors (EBI) to the Smallest Heuft Basic Full Bottle Inspectors (FBI).



The Domino group is committed to providing compliant product identification solution for all industry while meeting all traceability and security requirements.

They are a leading market provider of Continuous Inkjet printers (CIJ), Thermal transfer Inkjet (TIJ) and Laser Printing technology machines. They provide complete coding machines that offer solutions to help customers grow their respective businesses.

Domino has pioneered the use of sealed CO2 laser coding systems and with the addition of fiber technology, Domino today is one of the largest international producers of this laser coding technology.

Through research and product innovation, Domino has created laser coding machines that continually set the industry standard. Domino produces different coding machines using various technology for diverse applications.



System Plast which is a member of the Regal Group, deals in the production of Conveyor products, components and Power Transmission Solutions.

Through innovative researches, they have developed a wide range of applications based on customer demands and developments as required by various industrial processes.

SystemPlast conveyor solutions focus on quality and addresses common issues like efficiency, power & water usage, noise reduction and hygiene.

SystemPlast makes various conveyor components like Stainless and Plastic Chains, Sprockets, Conveyor Mats, Conveyor Belts, Corner Tracks, Wear Strips, Side guides etc.



In the field of complex engineering projects, Transpack Group offers to its customers; systems engineering, turnkey services & paletting, packaging & transport engineering from its production programme.

They offer expertise in flexible and portal robot applications in the field of packaging and paletting engineering as well as commissioning; assembly, maintenance and overhauls of the bottling, washing, packaging, paletting and transport equipment.

They are experts in Conveyor frame designs and assembly, Conveyor layout designs and installation of conveyors.



Packo pumps is an industry specialized in the researching, designing and manufacturing of sustainable and innovative industrial stainless steel pumps and other industrial stainless steel applications.

Their pumps rank among the best in the world in terms of hygiene and reliability which makes them the leading choice in pumps when it comes to areas of hygiene.

They develop and constantly improve more pumps tailored to clients for diverse applications. Packo are specialist in stainless centrifugal pumps and milking machine components.

They manufacture general Industrial pumps, Hygienic pumps, Air-handling pumps, Pumps suitable for the pharmaceutical industries, pumps for trucks & special motors and pumps for abrasive liquids.

Packo Pumps are cleanable and are certified by various Industrial Standard Organization



Meyn Food Processing Technology BV based in Amsterdam is a poultry processing equipment manufacturer, providing wall to wall poultry processing solutions (Live bird handling, slaughtering, Evisceration, Chilling, Cut up, Deboning, Packaging and Discharge) in about 100 countries.

Using world class state of the art Technology, they deliver custom built machine solutions putting in mind the hygiene required in each machine process. From the handling of Live Bird to the end product process of Deboning.



KTR­– a company located in Germany, has been developing power transmission components for mechanical and plant engineering for more than fifty years.

As a leading manufacturer of high-grade power transmission technology, brake systems and cooling systems, and hydraulic components, KTR is a dependable partner for any company that wishes to keep moving forward.

ADECO Project engineering WA Ltd as a partner with KTR is responsible for handling all enquiries within  Nigeria and Sub-region on technical related issues and sales of Spares.